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Descendant Families of Williamsburg

Like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one

Your roots, your ancestors, your family tree, your story ... this webpage was created to assist families in finding descendants of Downtown Williamsburg. 


Our Story

History makes a difference.

We are here to help find your roots in a cohesive environment where you can take all the research we are able find and use it to put together your own family history or help others. 


We love getting to know the Ancestors and for visitors using this site - we hope you love getting to know the Ancestors too. 

We know Historians did not always get it right. That is what this site is for - so we can share connections to pieces of History in one place. 

We know that information we find may be contradictory to information already out there and we will have both versions available as we move through research. 

As we receive information from our Genealogists and Historians we will update and add, but we will not take away - so everyone has a chance to see previous thought processes. 


We know you will use this site as part of your research to write your own story in History from information we have at hand. 

This site will be constantly evolving and if you notice something that is different from your shared or passed down family history, please email: and let us know. We want all remembrances available. 

Below are individual families and links to maps of where those families were located. You can also click on the "Email for more information" button to send a direct email requesting information about your family line. 

Want the littles in your life engaged too? The Williamsburg Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution have created a downloadable coloring book to keep children engaged in learning by coloring each page in the Descendant Family Daughter and Granddaughter Church Coloring Book. 

Use the links at the bottom of this page to discover more information from other sources including The Williamsburg Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution, The African American Heritage Society of New Kent, The New Kent Historical Society, Village Initiative Black Histories Project, Rockefeller Library at Colonial Williamsburg, and the Friends of Oak Grove. 

Click to view Daughter and Granddaughter Churches

*Baptismal LIST of 1865

Braxton- Canaday
Epps - Greenhow
Henderson - Holmes
Hundley - James

Informative Sites

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